Countries That Start With A

Do you want to know about different countries? Then read this article. Countries That Start With A includes Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, etc. Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Southwest Asia. Many times this country is also considered as part of the Middle East. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul and has been known as an important junction in Asia since ancient times. The country has Pakistan in the southeast and Iran in the west. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan in the north and People’s Republic of China in the northeast. Most of Afghanistan has mountains and deserts.

Albania is a small mountainous country in southeastern Europe. The main occupation of the people of this country is agriculture and it is one of the highest plateau countries in the world. Generally, farmers cultivate gems, fruits, tobacco, etc. in that coastal plain. Besides, the people of this country make a living by raising different types of cattle.

Argentina is a state in South America and its capital is Buenos Aires. The largest Spanish-speaking country in Latin America is officially known as the Republic of Argentina. The colors of the flag of this country are blue and white. Argentina is widely known in other countries of the world for its special contribution to the game of football. In addition, the majority of the population of this tradition-rich country is of European descent.

The 11 Countries starting with A






Antigua and Barbuda







The country of Austria was born in the Alps. Three-quarters of the country has mountains that add to the beauty of nature. The largest city in Austria is Vienna and it is the capital of that country. The country gained full independence on October 25, 1955. Then very quickly the economic development of this country took place. Austria is currently a developed and prosperous country and one of the members of the European Union.

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region. Azerbaijan is a country along the borders of Eastern Europe and West Asia. In general, the country is the largest of the Caucasian states in terms of size and population. The country’s economy is rich because of its oil resources. Over the past two decades, Azerbaijan has been highly praised in the international arena for its outstanding contribution to economic development. In order to provide you with accurate information, we have provided various information about the countries included in Countries That Start With A above.

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