Countries That Start With E

If you want to know about countries that start with the letter E then you are in the right place. In this article we will describe Countries That Start With E. Originally, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ecuador, Estonia, etc. started with the letter E.

Ethiopia is a country located on the continent of Africa. Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city in the country. Ethiopia has a long history and is the second most densely populated country in Africa. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa to become a member of the United Nations in the twentieth century. It was the first African country to gain independence from a European colony. Ethiopia has one of the oldest churches in the world. Since multilingual people live in this country. There are approximately 70 ethnic groups here.

Egypt is a country located in the northeastern part of the African continent. Cairo is the capital of this country of about four million square miles. Egyptians have contributed to religious rites, painting, architecture, writing, paper discovery, and science. Originally, the beginning of Egyptian civilization was in the hands of Menes. Currently, Egypt is a part of the Muslim and Arab world. Also, the founder of modern Egypt, Mohammed Ali.

Countries That Start With The Letter E

East Timor



El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea





Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America. This country was a Spanish colony in the sixteenth century. The capital and largest city of this country is Quito. It is an agricultural country but industrialization started from 1970. The country has been increasing its income through petroleum production since the 1980s. Originally, it gained the status of an independent country from 1832. There are many types of people living in this country. Hopefully, from the above description you will be able to easily learn about Countries That Start With E.

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