Countries That Start With F

Do you want to get all kinds of information about Countries That Start With F? To provide you with information, we will discuss countries like France, Finland, Fiji starting with the letter F.

France is the third largest country in Europe by area and the fourth largest by population. To the north of this country are the coastal lowlands and vast plains. In the eastern part of France there are valleys and high snow-capped Alps. Basically, there are mountains almost everywhere on the border of France that attract tourists. In addition, south-central France has hilly plateaus. France made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Europe after World War II. Most of the healthy, rich and well-educated people of the world live here.

We know that Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe. The country has made great strides in the industrial sector and has a parliamentary republic. Finland is one of the highest earning countries in the world. In general, Finland has the lowest population of any EU country. Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in education, individual freedom, quality of life and human development. Most of the people of Finland live in the southern part of the country because the climate there is quite tolerable. Most of the resources of this country come from the vast forests.

Countries That Start With The Letter F





Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean and its main port is Fiji. The total area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis country is 18 thousand 274 square kilometers. The country has more than 330 islands in total, but 110 of them are uninhabitable. The total population is about 900,000, and most of them are Christians. The main source of income of the country rich in natural resources is forest, minerals, fish, sugar, tourism etc. In order to provide important information, we have discussed about Countries That Start With F above.

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