Countries That Start With G

Many people like to travel to different countries. This Countries That Start With G article is very useful for them. Among the countries starting with the letter G are Germany, Ghana, Greece, Georgia, etc.

Germany is one of the major industrialized countries in Europe. This country has a large Christian population. Originally, it was a unified union of 18 states. The country is economically prosperous through the export of iron, steel, machinery, equipment and automobiles. Before 181, Germany was not a single state. The history of this developed country is complex and rich in culture.

Ghana is one of the most economically strong countries on the African continent. The official name of Ghana is the Republic of Ghana. The capital of this country is Accra and it is the largest city in Ghana. It is an independent state in West Africa. Ivory Coast to the west of Ghana and Burkina Faso to the north. In addition, Togo to the east and the Gulf of Guinea to the south, the Atlantic Ocean.

Alphabetically, 11 countries in the world have their names starting with letter ā€˜Gā€™.













Greece is a country in southeastern Europe. The country borders Europe, Asia and Africa. Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean. In addition, it has the 11th longest beach in the world and numerous islands. About 80 percent of the country is mountainous and the highest peak is Mount Olympus. Greece’s past traditions are extremely rich which increases people’s interest in knowing. Our main goal is to make the search work easier for all readers. So, we have highlighted the issues of Countries That Start With G above.

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