Countries That Start With J

We would like to inform you about the countries whose names start with the letter J. So here is the important information of Countries That Start With J. Japan, Jordan and Jamaica are among those countries.

The land of the rising sun, Japan is just an impeccably beautiful country and its history and heritage are also quite rich. Japan is the third largest economy in the world. The East Asian archipelago consists of 6,852 islands. About 75 to 80 percent of the country is mountainous. Japan is one of the major donors in the world, so its role in the international arena is very important.

The people of this country, one of the largest in the world in terms of population, live mainly in the cities of the four islands. The main credit for Japan’s rapid rise came from their automobile and electrical parts industries. There are many brands in this country which are very popular all over the world.

The following are countries starting with J:





Jordan is a monarchical country in the Middle East. Since the topography here is desert, the amount of natural resources is comparatively less. It is bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq and Saudi Arabia to the east. The country has played an important role in Middle Eastern politics.

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is one of the most famous islands in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica gained independence from Britain in 1962. Green hills, breathtaking beaches and natural beauty make the country a popular tourist destination. By following this article you will be able to easily know the various information of Countries That Start With J.

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