Countries That Start With O

Stay tuned for any information about Countries That Start With O. Oman is the name of a country beginning with the letter O. Originally, Oman was a country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. It was a strong empire in the seventeenth century. Located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, this country is very important geo-politically and strategically.

The state religion of the country is Islam and the monarchy is prevalent here. Historically, Muscat is one of the major trading ports in the Persian Gulf. Oman is rich in oil and ranks 25th in the world. A large part of the economy of this country comes from tourism. In addition, the country earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting fish, dates and some agricultural products.

Only 1 Country That Start With The Letter O



You will be able to solve many problems if you are aware of different information of a country through search. We have already described Countries That Start With O above. Hopefully, you will benefit from this article and you will be able to easily know the beginning and end of the country starting with the letter O.

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