Countries That Start With Q

There is a name of a country with the letter Q which is rich in different types of natural resources. Qatar is one of the countries included in Countries That Start With Q.

Qatar is a small country in the Persian Gulf. Its total area is just over 10,000 square kilometers, which is 90th in the world in terms of area. The country gained independence from Great Britain in 1971. This country has abundant natural resources besides oil which has enriched the economy.

The first oil mines were discovered in Qatar in the 1940s. Huge energy reserves and natural gas are the main suppliers of money to this country. The world’s largest media company Al Jazeera was born here. This country has the largest natural gas field in the world. The climate here is uninhabitable.

Only one Country That Start With The Letter Q



We have not provided any unnecessary information in this article so you are not likely to be confused. Also, in a very short time you will be able to know the important information of any country. We believe that Countries That Start With Q will help you get acquainted with a wonderful country.

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