Countries That Start With R

If you know the important information of different countries of the world, you will be able to do research on any subject easily. Here we will describe Countries That Start With R. Countries beginning with the letter R include Russia and Romania.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Basically, it is almost twice the size of Canada, the second largest country. The country is spread across Eastern Europe and North Asia. The official name of Russia is the Russian Federation and its capital is Moscow. Russia’s largest city has the country’s main administrative, commercial, industrial and cultural centers. Russia accounts for one-eighth of the world’s total habitable land. Due to the size of this area, the country has 11 time zones. It is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Russia is also one of the top five nuclear powers in the world. Constitutionally, it is one of the first socialist countries in the world. Natural resources are the main driving force of the Russian economy. Oil and natural gas help the country overcome the economic crisis. Russia’s official language is Russian, and 80 percent of the population speaks it. In addition to Russian, there are 27 other languages ​​spoken in different parts of the country. Most of the people living here are Christians. Our main purpose is to inform you about Countries That Start With R through this article.

Countries That Start With The Letter R


Russian Federation



The Kingdom of Romania was founded in 1981. Romania was liberated from Ottoman rule in 1877. Romania is the richest country in Europe in terms of cultural structure. It is home to one of the largest nomadic peoples in Europe, so it is known to many as a nomadic country. The hospitality, friendliness and sincerity of the common people here fascinates everyone.

According to a 2017 survey, the population of this country is close to 19.61 million. 91% of the total population of this country is Christian. In general, people living in urban areas feel comfortable wearing Western-style clothing. In contrast, people living in rural areas prefer to wear traditional clothing.

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