Countries That Start with Y: Complete List with Details

The most well-known and important country included in Countries That Start With Y is Yemen. Yemen has the Red Sea on the west side and the Gulf of Aden on the south. Saudi Arabia and Oman are neighboring countries. The country has Saudi Arabia on the north, northeast side and Oman on the east. It differs from the African continent through the “Bab El Mandeb” method. Northern Yemen gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1917 and southern Yemen from Britain in 1967. Subsequently, civil war broke out between the two Yemenis in April 1994. The war ended on July 7 of the same year.

One Country That Start With The Letter Y



If you really want to get accurate information about Yemen then trust us. Our main purpose is to inform you about Countries That Start With Y. In this article we have provided the culture of that country and various important information through which you will benefit.

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