Countries That Start With Z

Countries That Start With Z: Complete List with Details

Each country has its own culture and traditions that attract people from other countries. Here we will describe Countries That Start With Z. Zambia and Zimbabwe are among the countries that start with the letter Z.

The Gambia is a state in West Africa. It is the smallest country on the mainland of the African continent. To the west of this country is the Atlantic Ocean. The port city of Banjul is the capital and largest city of Serekunda. The Gambia is an agricultural country and most of its people are poor. The main crop produced here is groundnut and it is the main export commodity. In addition, the country’s income from the tourism industry. The country gained independence in 1975.

2 Countries That Start With The Letter Z




Zimbabwe is a country in the southern part of Africa. Located on the Zambezi River, the country is famous for its Victoria Falls and wildlife. The people of Zimbabwe are divided into two main ethnic and linguistic groups. People have lived here for about 2000 years. The country gained independence in 1970. The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare. The area of  present-day Zimbabwe was in the past the center of several larger African kingdoms. Hopefully, through this article we have succeeded in informing you about Countries That Start With Z.

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