Fish That Start With C – Common and Best Fish Names

Fish contains many essential nutrients that boost your body’s immune system. In this article, we will mention the names of the fish included in fish that start with C. People who eat fish every day are less likely to develop arthritis and other long-term diseases, including diabetes. Regular fishing reduces the risk of heart attack and brain stroke. A study was recently conducted on about 40,000 people in the United States. It has been found that those who eat fish at least once a week has a 15% lower rate of heart disease than others. In addition, fish is very useful in reducing macular degeneration of the eyes due to aging. If adult men eat fish regularly, the risk of cancer is greatly reduced.

List of The Fish That Start With C

Chrysonotus Cichlid
Carolina Pigmy Sunfish
Chain Loach
Cochliodon Pleco
Colombian Shark
Chinese Paradise Fish
Colombian Tetra
Chipokae Mbuna
Cutter’s Cichlid
Convict Cichlid
Candy Stripe Goby
Calophysus Catfish
Congicus Saddled Bichir
Cigar Shark
Congo Citharin
Cape Lopez Lyretail
Cosby Gourami
Chocolate Cichlid
Channel Catfish
Coccina Betta
Craggy-Headed Banjo Catfish
Cuban Cichlid
Colombian Blue Tetra
Cinnamon Killifish
Callolepis Cichlid
Chessboard Cichlid
Cuvier’s Pike Characin
Cochu’s Blue Tetra
Common Gourami
Crystal-Eyed Catfish
Cuckoo Synodontis
Congo Tetra
Clown Barb
Climbing Perch
Chinese Algae Eater
Clown Knifefish
Costa Rican Blue Eyed Cichlid
Cape York Rainbowfish
Cyan Hap
Checkerboard Cichlid
Chocolate Gourami
Common Hatchetfish
Crystal Tetra
Croaking Gourami
Compressed Cichlid
Congo Pufferfish
Cinnamon Loach
Copper Mouthbrooder
Carpinte Cichlid
Commerson’s Glassfish
Chankaensis Bitterling
Cloudy Doradid
Cherry Barb
Cardinal Tetra
Clarias Catfish
Clay Hoplo
Campbell’s Tigerfish
Chunky Hap
Cupid Cichlid
Cuban Gar


Everyone has certain favorite fish that they love to eat. If you do not know the name of the fish then you may fail to buy the fish of your choice. In this case, we advise you to remember the scientific names of the fish as well as the common names. We have already provided a list of fish that start with C above which is very important. Hopefully, you will be able to select the fish of your choice from the list of fish starting with the letter C.

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