Fish That Start With K – Best Common Fish Names Beginning With K

Nutritionists say that omega-3 fatty acids play a significant role in the formation of various cell walls in the body, including the brain. In general, those who eat fish three days or more a week have much more well-organized and more efficient brain neurons. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iodine, vitamin D, and phosphorus in oily fish stimulate our brains. In addition, the body needs fish to stay healthy. So, if possible, you can eat the right amount of fish that starts with K throughout the week.

List of The Fish That Start With K

Kagoshima velvetfish
Kai dragonet
Kai stargazer
Kai stingaree
Kailola’s hardyhead
Kailola’s sea catfish
Kaiwi Channel grenadier
Kaiwi Channel grenadier
Kakuk’s coralbrotula
Kalambo suckermouth
Kalbar rasbora
Kali caribbaea
Kali colubrina
Kali falx
Kali indica
Kali macrodon
Kali macrura
Kali normani
Kali parri
Kali walu
Kalimantan ilisha
Kalimantan river sprat
Kalimantania lawak
Kamaka rainbowfish
Kamchatka flounder
Kamiranzovu haplo
Kamohara grenadier
Kampen’s pipefish
Kanadi kingfish
Kanadi kingfish
Kanadi kingfish
Kanawha darter
Kanawha minnow
Kanekonia florida
Kanekonia pelta
Kantaka barb
Kapala stingaree
Kappie blenny
Kapuas elegant paradise fish
Kapuas river sprat
Karenteen seabream
Kariba tilapia
Karimunjawa dottyback
Karin’s coralbrotula
Karrer’s whiptail
Karut croaker
Kasatkia memorabilis
Kashgarian loach
Kashmir latia
Kashmir latia
Katavi mouthbrooder
Kathala croaker
Katherine’s wrasse
Kathetostoma fluviatilis
Katibasia insidiosa
Katria katria
Katrine’s coralbrotula
Kaup’s sole
Kaupichthys japonicus
Keel-jawed needle fish
Keelcheek bass
Keeltail needlefish
Keeltail needlefish
Kei goby
Kelee shad
Kellogg’s scorpionfish
Kelloggella centralis
Kelloggella oligolepis
Kelloggella tricuspidata
Kelp greenling
Kelp gunnel
Kelp klipfish
Kelp perch
Kelp poacher
Kelp rockfish
Kelp sculpin
Kelp sculpin
Kelp weedfish
Kemp garra
Kentrocapros eco
Kentrocapros flavofasciatus
Kentucky darter
Kenyaconger heemstrai
Kenyan chromis
Kerala mystus
Kerguelen sandpaper skate
Kerguelen spiny plunderfish
Kermadec rattail
Kern brook lamprey
Kestratherina esox
Key anchovy
Key blenny
Key brotula
Key goby
Key goby
Key silverside
Key worm eel
Keyhole angelfish
Khaki flounder
Khaki flounder
Khandalla minnow
Khandalla minnow
Khanka gudgeon
Khanka spiny bitterling
Khasi garra
Khavalchor catfish
Khavli barb
Kibiti Lampeye
Kido’s snailfish
Kiener’s silverside
Kikado moray
Kikambala nothobranch
Kimberley blenny
Kimberley catfish
Kimberley grunter
Kimberley spangled perch
Kindia killi
King soldierbream
King weakfish
King’s bullhead


Every fish that starts with the letter K can be very fun and delicious. If you like to fish for your aquarium, follow the list of fish that start with K above. There is no need to know the generic names of the fish in order to choose the fish for the aquarium. In this case, of course, the importance of knowing the scientific and Latin names of the fish is immense. If you can’t find the name of any interesting fish then take the help of our list above.

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