Fish That Start With U

There is adequate food that helps us to be physically healthy. If you want to get high protein from meat, you have to accept harmful fat or involved fats with that meat. On the contrary, there is no such problem in fish, and fish protein is very useful for the body. Especially, fish will get a lot of good results every day to meet the needs of food for physical growth and development. Multiple studies have shown that there is a large amount of evidence of fish oil, which helps to prevent cancer. Considering all the beneficial aspects of fish, we will provide different information for Fish That Start With U.  


Fish That Start With U


Upeneus mascareinsis

Unarmed dwarf monocle bream

Uranoscopus chinensis

Ursinoscorpaenopsis kitai

Uropterygius nagoensis

Upper Zambesi labeo

Unicorn leatherjacket


Ungusurculus komodoensis

Usamacinta buffalo

Upland bully

Unarmored threespine stickleback

Upper Grijalva livebearer

Upeneichthys stotti

United-lip Gudgeon

Unicorn grenadier

Uruguayan eartheater

Umbrina milliae

Upsidedown catfish

Ungusurculus philippinensis

Ungusurculus sundaensis

Unicorn icefish

Urchin clingfish

Uropterygius golanii

Uranoscopus marmoratus

Umatilla dace

Uranoscopus filibarbis

Upeneus mouthami


Upper Zambezi nembwe

Unicorn crestfish

Umpqua dace

Uranoscopus fuscomaculatus

Undulated moray

Urolophus papilio

Ussuri catfish

Uranoscopus guttatus

Upeneus australiae

Upper Zambezi yellowfish

Upjaw barb

Uruguay river sprat

Uruguay tetra

Uncisudis advena

Unicorn sole


Uranoscopus marisrubri

Upside-down harptail blenny

Usangu lampeye

Umbrina reedi

Uroconger erythraeus

Upeneus filifer

Urotrygon cimar

Ungusurculus riauensis

Umbrina imberbis

Urolophus deforgesi

Uranoscopus crassiceps

Underjaw kingfish

Uganda nothobranch

Undulate painted ray

Upper Zambesi labeo

Ungusurculus williamsi

Umbrella conger

Ukrainian brook lamprey

Upper Zambesi squeaker

Union snook

Ussuri sharpbelly

Upside-down harptail blenny

Undistinguished sabretooth

Umbrella cichlid

Uncisudis longirostra

Upsidedown catfish

Uranoscopus bauchotae

Uranoscopus affinis

Urolophus neocaledoniensis


Urophycis mystacea

Ungusurculus collettei

Upside-down goby

Uropterygius wheeleri

Uncinate sculpin

Uegitglanis zammaranoi

Unicolor moray

Umpqua squawfish

Uropterygius makatei

Upturned snout rattail

Umpqua chub

Uncisudis posteropelvis

Upeneus quadrilineatus

Uncombed blenny

Uaru fernandezyepezi

Upeneus crosnieri

Uropterygius genie

Ulrey’s tetra

Uranoscopus dahlakensis

Upeneus guttatus

Underjaw kingfish




DHA is able to play an excellent role to develop intellectual development, memory, and sight. If pregnant mothers eat regular fish, then children can get adequately DHA through their breast milk. Besides, children of six to ten years old adopted adequate Omega 3 and DHA after the development of their attention, memory, and merit. We’ve already provided a list of Fish That Start With U for the purpose of introducing you to all the fish.

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