Foods That Start With M

Here we will highlight some of the various beneficial aspects of the food that you can put on the daily food list. In that series, foods that start with M include maize, mango, mushrooms, mutton, etc. Maize is a well-known grain and contains many nutrients. Eating maize regularly will get rid of many diseases. It is delicious food and is acceptable to almost everyone for its sweet taste, bright yellow color, and protein quality.

This food can be beneficial for children because it is very safe for the baby to eat. These foods are rich in protein and sugars which provide energy to the body as a great energy food. Most people eat it just to taste, but it also has many health benefits. Maize is able to act as a helper to cure heart disease.

Mango is the king of fruits so it is on the list of everyone’s choice. As delicious and juicy as mango is to eat, it is also incomparable in terms of nutrition. The way we eat raw or ripe mango is very beneficial for our bodies. Both raw and ripe mangoes are as fun as they are nutritious. Mango helps to keep our bodies healthy and disease-free. You can preserve this delicious and fragrant fruit in different ways. It plays a very good role in improving our memory. Nutritionists say that raw or ripe mangoes are good for the body Mango juice contains potassium which helps to keep the body cool in extreme heat.

Foods that start with m


  1. Maca
  2. Macadamia Nut
  3. Mackerel
  4. Mad-Apple
  5. Madruno
  6. Magic Molly Potato
  7. Maguey Leaves
  8. Mahimahi
  9. Mahkota Dewa
  10. Mahonia Berries
  11. Maitake Mushroom
  12. Maize
  13. Malabar Chestnut
  14. Malabar Gourd
  15. Malabar Spinach
  16. Malanga Root
  17. Mallard
  18. Malt
  19. Mamey
  20. Mamoncillo
  21. Mandarin Orange
  22. Mangga
  23. Mango
  24. Mango Leaves
  25. Mangosteen
  26. Maple Syrup
  27. Marang Fruit
  28. Marble Potatoes
  29. Marikolunthu
  30. Marjoram
  31. Marlin (Fish)
  32. Marrow
  33. Masago
  34. Mashua
  35. Mast
  36. Mate
  37. Matoa Fruit
  38. Matsutake Mushroom
  39. Mayan Gold Potatoes
  40. McIntosh Apples
  41. Meadow Mushroom
  42. Medlar
  43. Melba Apple
  44. Melinjo Seeds
  45. Melinjo Leaves
  46. Melon
  47. Mellow Yellow Pumpkin
  48. Menteng Fruit
  49. Methi
  50. Mexican Pinyon
  51. Milkcap Mushroom
  52. Millet
  53. Miner’s Lettuce
  54. Mini White Pumpkins
  55. Mint
  56. Minutina
  57. Miracle Berries
  58. Miso
  59. Mississippi Sweet Potato
  60. Mitsuba
  61. Mizuna Greens
  62. Moi Fish
  63. Molasses
  64. Molluscs
  65. Mombin
  66. Mongongo
  67. Monkey-Puzzle Seeds
  68. Monkfish
  69. Monk Fruit
  70. Montsera
  71. Mooli
  72. Moose
  73. Moqua
  74. Morello Cherries
  75. Morel Mushrooms
  76. Moroheiya Leaves
  77. Mosambi Fruits
  78. Mountain Hare
  79. Mountain Lion
  80. Mountain Goat
  81. Mountain Oysters
  82. Mountain Rose Potato
  83. Mozuku
  84. Mulberry
  85. Mule Deer
  86. Mung Beans
  87. Munjal Fruit
  88. Murasaki Sweet Potato
  89. Muscat Squash
  90. Mushrooms
  91. Muskmelon
  92. Mussel
  93. Mustard Greens
  94. Mustard Seeds
  95. Mutton


In this article we have tried to highlight the most popular and delicious foods in Foods that start with M. Hopefully, you will benefit through this article. Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and are very healthy food. It is relatively high in nutrients and its protein is very good, so it is very beneficial for the human body. We all know mushrooms as fungus. It is also very healthy food.

Mushrooms contain a type of antibiotic called penicillin which is very beneficial for the human body. Since it is very tasty to eat, you can put this food on your daily food list. Mushrooms contain essential nutrients for the human body such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Mushrooms are the best in terms of nutrition. Because mushrooms are low in fat and sugar and high in fiber, they are an ideal food for diabetics. It helps control blood fats and prevents hair loss and hair maturation.

The nutritional value and benefits of mutton are plentiful for our body. Mutton contains a sufficient amount of nutrients. This meat is delicious to eat and has absolutely no health risks. Mutton is a high protein-rich food. You will be able to save more energy by playing mutton regularly as per the requirement for a weak body. Mutton also has other benefits such as having less fat than other meats. These foods contain a sufficient amount of iron which is a very essential element for the body. There is no pair of iron to eliminate anemia.

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